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  • Where are the products produced?
    All our products are designed and produced in Taiwan. Our factories carefully separate ovo-vegan and vegan products to ensure that there is no cross contamination.
  • Do the products contain five pungent spices?
    No, none of VégéBon products contain five pungent spices.
  • Are all products vegan?
    Current Online Products: U-plant chicken nuggets: The original flavor, black pepper, pepper, curry, spicy are all vegetarian. 2. Vegetable U Pack: U-plant palace chicken: vegetarian U-plant sweet meat: vegan U-plant Mapo Tofu Sauce: Vegetarian U-plant Thai Seafood Green Curry Sauce: Vegan U-plant Mapo Stinky Tofu Pot: Vegetarian Ingredients: U-plant prawns: vegetarian Grilled meat: vegan Hamburg meat: vegan Five and Five S-dimensional Drink: Vegan
  • How do I purchase VégéBon products?
    Our online market below, click it please :
  • I am interested in wholesaling your products
    Contact us by +886 (2)2778-0345 or please
  • How can i cancel purchased order ?
    Click below link if you are able to cancel purchased order 1.Please click on the website in the upper right corner [member icon Click on [Order Inquiry] again to confirm the order you want to cancel in the near future Click on "Order Status" and there is "Order Cancellation" on the right 4.Click OK Cancel at the end!
  • How do I cancel the order?
    Click the link: and click the [membership] on the top-right corner.Select [check the order] and press the order that you wish to cancel.Select [cancel purchase] on the right side.Select [make sure to cancel] and that’s it.
  • How do I check my order?
    Check the link: and click the [membership] on the top-right corner.Select [check the order] and you can check your current orders.What if the products have been damaged, or are incomplete?We adopt “Refund but no return”. If the products are damaged due to shipping or quality of frozen, please take pictures of products you received and contact our customer service within 6 hours. Since fresh food does not apply to Article 19 of Consumer Protection, the 7-day appreciation period, we do not accept refund application except for product defects or damage caused by the shipping process.
  • How long will my order take to arrive?
    Your order will arrive in 5-7 days after it is placed. If you will not be able to receive your order on a specific date, please reach out to us. We’d be happy to assist you.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    According to the our shipping cooperator - President Transnet Corp, each shipping fee will charge NTD. 160.
  • I want to invest in VégéBon.
    Thanks for your support and attention. Please contact us by +886(2)2778-0345 or
  • I want to become a restaurant partner?
    Thanks for your affirmation and attention. Please contact us by +886(2)2778-0345 or
  • I want to offer new business proposal or donation activity ?
    Thanks for your affirmation and attention! Please send request to our email address, we will reply you as soon as possible, Thank you.





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